I've loved you since that day in math by Dean Camp

I've loved you since that day in math
and who could ever blame me/
Since you returned that note back
with the box checked 'maybe'./

I love the shapes of your folded notes
Tulips, roses, and orchids/
I'm not sure how you did that stuff
I think you hired Chilean kids/

I wanted to respond oh so bad
But origami skills I lacked/
So I just wrapped my responses with a rock
And whizzed them at your back./

Sorry about that, I'm really glad
That you recovered sorta./
I hope you forgive me and tell your dad
To relax the restraining order./

I love you more than comics and juice
Oh darling it's plain to see./
Times will change, but my love won't cave
Even during puberty./

I'll admit I'm a tad bit curious
About sex and all that stuff I guess
But seriously what're the two extra shoulders
You've been sprouting on your chest?/

Don't worry about that, I'll catch up with you
For a growth spurt or two I'm due./
And when that day comes
I'll be double the fun
And won't have to jump to hold hands with you/

Wait scratch what I've said
all the love we had's dead
And I do not mean to get moody,/
But I just got results
From a clinic of sorts
And I've got your F*ing coodies!/

I should've known you'd been around
And that you're a scuzzy ho/
When I saw all those candy-grams piling up
in your cubby hole./

So pass your origami notes
And date all those stupid jocks!/
You know what, on second thought I'm glad
I hit you with those rocks./